When the night slips into the town
There is not a soul around
Lock the doors and shut the blinds
Rumpelstiltskin's come for a child

The miller's daughter was so fair
She had strands of golden hair
She was a stranger in a new land
A country she did not understand

The king, he saw her hair so fine
He took her as his wedded bride
Soon enough, her waist grew round
She was the talk of the whole damn town

Now the news reached the heart of a little man
The last living member of a wicked clan
He said "By God, I'll take that child
For Rumpelstiltskin I am styled!"

Then one day, the babe was born
The quiet little town began to mourn
For she was an immigrant on the run
And the price was her first-born son!

So lock the doors and shut the blinds
That way you don't share the blame
Tomorrow, he'll come for the young queen's child
And Rumpelstiltskin is his name